The exporting activity remains as the main basis of becoming a global brand. Starting out with a vision of becoming a global brand Buram Bal attended to the first international exhibition “Anuga Food Fair in Germany” in 2001 as it has taken the first steps to export. At The 26th “2001 Anuga Food Fair” Buram Bal had signed its first business, a business connection that ended its first export business to Yemen. Buram bal which has been exporting its own brand since 2001 up today, has been promoting its exportation network with every passing year by attending to fairs, trade delegations and making business trips, which had allowed her today to hold a sustainable export activities since its factory toward a total of 24 countries in the world. Providing the appropriate honey which complies with the costumer’s requirements, producing a honey of quality and the service selling that accompanies the products sales through applying for a flexible working model are the reasons that lay beneath this success.

buram bal