buram honey


Our vision

Exceeding the contentment expectations of our clients and employees, we present our honeys with the most admired brands and innovative packaging solutions to all honey lovers around the world.

Our Mission

Turkey is the mainland for Honey of which we select the best quality honeys and deliver its remedy to all people around the world with the international standards.

Our Quality Policy

As the quality team of Manavlar Gıda, we always aim for the top about the quality. We strive for a level of product quality and diversity that exceeds the expectations of our customers without limiting our quality policy. We work hard to reach our goals through the constant improvement and satisfaction of our fellow employees. Our brands are embraced by all our employees like their own. We are delighted to observe the growth of our brand together. We are honored beyond words to see our brands take place in the well-known supermarket chains and reach to their customers in various countries around the world.

We receive training on the food safety and quality standards recognized by GFSI and apply those standarts. As per the quality certificates that we have been granted, we follow the global requirements and keep our quality standarts at the highest level at all times and we try hard to improve ourselves accordingly.

Our Food Safety Policy

  • Working with zero food safety risk by preventing the possible threats in all of the food chain steps from raw material procurement to the delivery of the end product to the customer, providing and developing the food safety administrative system conditions.
  • Packing our products under the food safety guarantee by considering the demands and satisfaction of our customers and following the technological developments in hygienic conditions, in accordance with the legislation and related regulations with educated and conscious employees.
  • Preventing environmental pollution, minimizing or recycling waste and providing proper environmental conditions.
  • Giving importance to ethical values such as work ethics and honesty and sustaining our activities by considering the commercial ethical rules.
  • Improving the competence of our employees with participation in education, creating perfectionist environments, and performing teamwork within the framework of affection and respect.
  • Ensuring that our policy is acknowledged and adopted by all of the employees and suppliers.

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